Simple pricing, no monthly fees

Competitive unit prices, including printing, mailing and the use of our Postcard API.

Number of cards per month




€1.88 average price per item - total amount €1,128

(printing and mailing included, taxes excluded)

Start immediately, no lead times

You can start mailing your first postcards today, we have no lead times. Every order that is received by us before 6 a.m. on a workday will be printed and mailed the same day.

You can start with small numbers

Whether you want to send small or large numbers per month, it is possible with It doesn't matter how many cards you send per day. Our pricing is based on your monthly volume.

Competitive pricing

We calculate our pricing based on the number of cards (of the same format) you send per month. We use a graduated tier: as you send more cards per month, your average price will automatically decrease.


Do you need support? We like to think along with you and we are happy to help you. Our hourly rate for support is 95 euros.

Salesforce integration

We have developed an app for Salesforce. This contains all the components needed to send personalized cards fully automatically via the native Lightning Flow. The rate for the Salesforce App is 95 euros per month.


Do you want to send large volumes? Do you have special wishes? Do you want a different size or different product? Or do you have another question? Contact us for the possibilities. We like to think along with you.

Frequently asked questions

How quickly can I start a campaign?

You can start your first campaign in a few hours. We make all steps as simple as possible and you can test everything yourself. Where necessary, we help you a little. And when your campaign is running, you no longer have to worry about it.

Are the cards fully customizable?

Yes. You can personalize the front and back and provide it with, for example, first name, discount code, discount percentage, etc. This means that each customer receives a customized message.

Why should I send postcards?

Because it works. It is the best way to avoid the inbox, beat the digital clutter and reach your audience in a friendly way. More than 80% of emails are never even opened. At the same time, people receive less and less mail. A real postcard will not only be noticed, but also appreciated.

How high is the conversion?

Conversion rates differ from 5 to 25%. Thanks to our flexible personalization options you can easily optimize for a better conversion rate. A big advantage of is that you can first do small A/B tests before mailing larger numbers.

What are examples of use cases?

Real postcards are great for e-commerce businesses with repeat customers. Or SaaS platforms with large numbers of users. Cards are also an excellent way to thank or congratulate your customers or your employees.

How is this possible for such competitive prices?

We can offer you such competitive prices because we purchase large volumes and fully automate our processes.

Need more information?We are happy to help!

Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you and do our very best to answer you quickly.